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5 'Nuts' That Aren't Really Nuts

5 'Nuts' That Aren't Really Nuts 1. Peanuts Peanuts are actually considered to be legumes, like soybeans, lentils and chickpeas. 2. Almonds Botanists classify almonds as drupe seeds, as they are found within the peach-like fruits of the Asian Prunus dulcis tree. 3. Cashews Considering that they are produced by "cashew apples," they are also considered to be drupe seeds. 4. Pine Nuts Pine nuts are removed from various species of pine cones, making them a seed. 5. Macadamia Nuts Nearly 70 percent of all macadamia nuts on Earth come from trees grown in the Australian town of Gympie, Queensland. They are also classified by botanists as drupe seeds. Genuine nuts, such as hazelnuts and chestnuts, are defined as a one-seeded fruit encased in a pericarp. They are fused to their shells and won't naturally break open after reaching maturity.