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MLB standings: Updated magic numbers, playoff picture as of Sept. 16

Sporting News — (Joe Rivera)

It's magic number season, folks.

With the MLB season winding down, there's already been several eliminations from division races: 18 teams in both leagues have already been ousted from their respective division races with the wild-card picture starting to solidify. Well, at least in the American League.

As we march toward October, here are the latest MLB magic numbers and MLB standings.

Last updated: Sept. 16.

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MLB standings: Magic numbers, playoff picture for 2019

AL East

First-place team: Yankees (To win division: 3. For playoff berth: 2.)

Magic number to elimination in division:

2. Rays (3)

3. Red Sox (Eliminated.)
4. Blue Jays (Eliminated.)
5. Orioles (Eliminated.)

AL Central

First-place team: Twins (To win division: 9. For playoff berth: 9.)

Magic number to elimination: 

2. Indians (9)

3. White Sox (Eliminated.)
4. Royals (Eliminated.)
5. Tigers (Eliminated.)

AL West

First-place team: Astros (To win division: 5. For playoff berth: 2.)

Magic number to elimination:

2. Athletics (5)

3. Rangers (Eliminated.)
4. Angels (Eliminated.)
5. Mariners (Eliminated.)

AL wild cards

1. Athletics (10)
2. Rays (11)

NL East

First-place team: Braves (To win division: 4. For playoff berth: Clinched playoff berth.)

Magic number to eliminate: 

2. Nationals (4)

3. Phillies (Eliminated.)
4. Mets (Eliminated.)
5. Marlins (Eliminated.)

NL Central

First-place team: Cardinals (To win division: 12. For playoff berth: 11.)

Magic number to elimination: 

2. Cubs (12)
3. Brewers (11)

4. Reds (Eliminated.)
5. Pirates (Eliminated.)

NL West

First-place team: Dodgers. Clinched division.

Magic number to elimination: 

2. Diamondbacks (Eliminated.)
3. Giants (Eliminated.)
4. Padres (Eliminated.)
5. Rockies (Eliminated.)

NL wild cards

1. Nationals (12)
2. Cubs (13)