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MLB playoffs schedule 2019: Full bracket, dates, times, TV channels for ALCS, NLCS

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The 2019 MLB playoffs began with a pair of appetizing wild-card matchups that followed intense races over the final weeks of the regular season. The Brewers and Nationals squared off in the NL, while the A's and Rays duked it out in their own winner-take-all contest in the AL.

Those games determined the full NLDS and ALDS brackets and set the stage for the rest of October.

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MLB playoffs bracket 2019

MLB playoffs schedule 2019

Wild card results

Event Teams Date Time TV channel
NL wild-card gameNationals 4, Brewers 3Tuesday, Oct. 18:08 p.m.TBS
AL wild-card gameRays 5, Athletics 1Wednesday, Oct. 28:09 p.m.ESPN

Division Series dates, times, results

A = Involves club with best record; B = Does not involve club with best record


Event Teams Date Time TV channel
NLDS 'A' Game 1Dodgers 6, Nationals 0Thursday, Oct. 38:37 p.m.TBS
NLDS 'B' Game 1Cardinals 7, Braves 6Thursday, Oct. 35:02 p.m.TBS
NLDS 'A' Game 2Nationals 4, Dodgers 2Friday, Oct. 48:37 p.m.TBS
NLDS 'B' Game 2Braves 3, Cardinals 0Friday, Oct. 44:37 p.m.TBS
NLDS 'A' Game 3Dodgers at NationalsSunday, Oct. 67:45 p.m.TBS
NLDS 'B' Game 3Braves 3, Cardinals 1Sunday, Oct. 64:10 p.m.TBS
NLDS 'A' Game 4Nationals 6, Dodgers 1Monday, Oct. 76:40 p.m.TBS
NLDS 'B' Game 4Cardinals 5, Braves 4Monday, Oct. 73:07 p.m.TBS
NLDS 'A' Game 5Nationals 7, Dodgers 3Wednesday, Oct. 98:37 p.m.TBS
NLDS 'B' Game 5Cardinals 13, Braves 1Wednesday, Oct. 95:02 p.m.TBS


Event Teams Date Time TV channel
ALDS 'A' Game 1Astros 6, Rays 2Friday, Oct. 42:05 p.m.FS1
ALDS 'B' Game 1Yankees 10, Twins 4Friday, Oct. 47:07 p.m.MLBN
ALDS 'A' Game 2Astros 3, Rays 1Saturday, Oct. 59:07 p.m.FS1
ALDS 'B' Game 2Yankees 8, Twins 2Saturday, Oct. 55:07 p.m.FS1
ALDS 'A' Game 3Rays 10, Astros 3Monday, Oct. 71:05 p.m.MLBN
ALDS 'B' Game 3Yankees 5, Twins 1Monday, Oct. 78:40 p.m.FS1
ALDS 'A' Game 4Rays 4, Astros 1Tuesday, Oct. 84:15 p.m.FS1
ALDS 'A' Game 5Astros 6, Rays 1Thursday, Oct. 107:07 p.m.FS1

League Championship Series schedule


Event Teams Date Time TV channel
NLCS Game 1Nationals 2, Cardinals 0Friday, Oct. 11WSH leads 1-0TBS
NLCS Game 2Nationals 3, Cardinals 1Saturday, Oct. 12WSH leads 2-0TBS
NLCS Game 3Cardinals 8, Nationals 1Monday, Oct. 14WSH leads 3-0TBS
NLCS Game 4Cardinals at NationalsTuesday, Oct. 158:05 p.m.TBS
NLCS Game 5 (if necessary)Cardinals at NationalsWednesday, Oct. 164:08 p.m.TBS
NLCS Game 6 (if necessary)Nationals at CardinalsFriday, Oct. 188:08 p.m.TBS
NLCS Game 7 (if necessary)Nationals at CardinalsSaturday, Oct. 198:08 p.m.TBS


Event Teams Date Time TV channel
ALCS Game 1Yankees 7, Astros 0Saturday, Oct. 12NYY lead 1-0Fox
ALCS Game 2Astros 3, Yankees 2 (11)Sunday, Oct. 13Series tied 1-1FS1
ALCS Game 3Astros 4, Yankees 1Tuesday, Oct. 154:08 p.m.FS1
ALCS Game 4Astros at YankeesThursday, Oct. 178:08 p.m.FS1
ALCS Game 5Astros at YankeesFriday, Oct. 188:08 p.m.FS1
ALCS Game 6 (if necessary)Yankees at AstrosSaturday, Oct. 194:08 or 8:08 p.m.FS1
ALCS Game 7 (if necessary)Yankees at AstrosSunday, Oct. 207:38 p.m.Fox or FS1

World Series schedule

Event Teams Date Time TV channel
World Series Game 1TBATuesday, Oct. 22TBAFox
World Series Game 2TBAWednesday, Oct. 23TBAFox
World Series Game 3TBAFriday, Oct. 25TBAFox
World Series Game 4TBASaturday, Oct. 26TBAFox
World Series Game 5 (if necessary)TBASunday, Oct. 27TBAFox
World Series Game 6 (if necessary)TBATuesday, Oct. 29TBAFox
World Series Game 7 (if necessary)TBAWednesday, Oct. 30TBAFox