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Papadopoulos Asks for Pardon

Newser — Evann Gastaldo

At least one of the 34 people indicted as part of Robert Mueller's probe now wants a presidential pardon. A lawyer for George Papadopoulos says she's already applied to the White House requesting one, the Washington Post reports.

Papadopoulos, a former Trump campaign adviser, was sentenced to 14 days in prison for lying to the FBI about Russia contacts (he ended up serving 12).

Attorney Caroline Polisi says she applied for the pardon prior to the special counsel report being submitted to the Justice Department, "but the results of the investigation only strengthen our arguments."

Papadopoulos is releasing a book this week about his experiences with the Mueller investigation.

"Can’t wait to tell the full story beginning this Monday about what the Mueller probe was really all about," he tweeted over the weekend. "What they wanted, why, and the assets that were used to create the most robust disinformation campaign in political history."

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