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Men Charged After Walking Up to OId Faithful

Newser — Bob Cronin

Two men who walked past the "no trespassing" signs at Yellowstone National Park last week for a close-up view of Old Faithful now have an appointment in federal court.

The geyser erupts every hour or so, so the men were at risk for burns from the 200-degree water. Another tourist took photos of the men, who appeared to be leaning in toward the geyser and taking photos, NBC reports.

Signs are everywhere, the woman said, but "there is no barrier. They simply stepped off the boardwalk." The men were given a summons for thermal trespassing and told to appear in court in December.

The witness to what she called "complete stupidity" reported the men to park rangers, per ABC. "My family and I just couldn't believe what was happening," she said.

Another man got three years' probation and a five-year ban from the Wyoming landmark last year for sticking his head in Old Faithful's spout. Park visitors have been burned there before, per USA Today.

The park issued a fresh warning Friday to visitors. "No picture is worth hurting yourself, others, or the park," the tweet said in urging care near thermal areas, wildlife and cliffs.

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