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House Bill Cracks Down on Consumption of Cats, Dogs

Newser — Evann Gastaldo

Legislation cracking down on eating cats and dogs passed the House of Representatives Wednesday. The bipartisan bill would outlaw slaughtering, transporting, possessing, buying, selling, or donating the animals or their parts for human consumption, with fines for violations ranging up to $5,000, USA Today reports.

Eating animals is rare, but still legal in 44 states, and animal rights groups say there is a small underground market for dog and cat meat in the US.

The bill contains exemptions for Native American tribes that may slaughter dogs or cats for religious ceremonies, Newsweek reports. A co-author of the bill says he is optimistic the Senate will pass it before Congress adjourns this fall.

The House also passed a non-binding resolution urging other countries to stop eating dog and cat meat, which the other co-author called a "horrific practice."

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