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Diner Kills Waiter Over Slow Sandwich

Newser — Bob Cronin

A customer became so angry at having to wait at a small eatery on the edge of Paris that a waiter is apparently dead over a sandwich.

Witnesses say the customer, enraged that "his sandwich wasn't prepared quickly enough," pulled out a gun and shot the 28-year-old waiter in the shoulder. He died at the scene, the AFP reports.

The shooter got away after the killing, and police have opened a murder investigation. The shooting took place around 9:15pm Friday night at a small pizza-and-sandwich spot in the suburb of Noisy-le-Grand, notes the New York Times.

With the killer still on the lam, area residents gathered outside the restaurant Saturday. "He was killed for a sandwich?" one person asked. (A tenant reportedly killed his landlord in southeast France because he didn't have air-conditioning.)

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