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Cops Find Man Trying to Get to Brother's Coffin

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By the time police arrived early Wednesday morning, a Washington man had managed to dig a hole two feet wide, two feet deep, and eight feet long.

It wasn't deep enough to reach Hector Apodaca's coffin, which is what Bremerton police say the man was trying to do. The unnamed 27-year-old is reportedly Apodaca's brother, and allegedly told police he was seeking a gold cross that had been buried with Apodaca following his February 2017 murder.

In addition to the hole, police say the man had managed to remove the headstone marking Apodaca's grave at the Miller Woodlawn cemetery. The man reportedly confessed to using meth hours prior and was told to leave the cemetery; he subsequently returned and was arrested and charged with third-degree malicious mischief and second-degree criminal trespass, reports the Kitsap Sun.

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