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Man With One Of The Pentagon's 'Most Important…

The Pentagon's top policy official is out, and his resignation comes at the president's request.

New Windows Update Has Troubling Consequences For…

Microsoft's has acknowledged that their most recent security update is causing problems for owners.

Drew Carey Speaks Out After Ex-Fiancee's Brutal…

The comedian and “The Price is Right” host threw his star power behind a petition urging Congressman Adam Schiff to revisit California’s domestic violence laws.

Entertainment Industry Mourns The Death Of…

Just 2 months after a magnificent comeback appearance, the longtime star died in her sleep at her home in Glendale, CA.

Germany's immigrant community in Hanau reeling…

In the German town of Hanau, a longtime immigrant destination with decades of coexistence between people of different origins, residents fear their community was targeted after a gunman shot and killed nine people of foreign background

Scientists Say This Veggie-Loving Fish Could Be…

Scientists say that a veggie-loving fish could be the answer to the climate-change perils that our current dietary protein sources face.

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13 Ways to Pamper Your Pet (Love Your Pet Day)

13 Ways to Pamper Your Pet Show your furry friends a little TLC with these 13 ways to spoil your pet. 1. Make Homemade Treats: You can bake them or find high-quality treats at the pet store. 2. Schedule a Spa Day: A good grooming can leave your furry friend looking and feeling amazing. 3. Plan a Luxury Vacation: Instead of leaving them at home, send them to a pet resort when you have to go on a trip. 4. Spring for Doggie Daycare: Daycare is a great way for your pet to play, train and go on walks. 5. Get a Dog Walker: While you’re working, a dog walker can help your pet get exercise and companionship. 6. Schedule Regular Checkups: Keep your pet healthy and happy with annual visits to the vet. 7. Go for Glamour Shots: Spoil your pet with attention through a photoshoot. 8. Build a Backyard Paradise: Your pet will love having a space of their own to roam free. 9. Get a Cozy Bed: Let your pet sleep in style with a bed that makes napping even better. 10. Schedule a Soothing Massage: A massage is the perfect way to help your pet relax. 11. Plan Activities: Try planning an afternoon each week where you do what your pet loves. 12. Give Lots of Praise and Petting: Show your pets you care and praise them for good behavior. 13. Make Time for One-on-One Play Time: There is no better way to pamper your pet than with the attention they love and crave.

Roger Stone Sentenced to 40 Months in Prison

A federal judge has sentenced Roger Stone to 40 months in prison. Whether he will spend even a minute in prison remains up in the air. Judge Amy Berman Jackson handed down the sentence Thursday in the politically charged case, but Stone will not begin serving any time until the...

Apple May Let Users Set Default Apps

Trump Signs Order To Divert California Water

The order diverts water from the northern half of the state to farmers in the southern half.

Pearl River flooding far from over

While the Pearl River is out of major flood stage in Jackson, Mississippi, as of Feb. 20, similar problems are headed downstream into Louisiana.

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Fated to a Watery Grave, All They Could Do Was Hug

The bodies of two longtime friends were found embracing in the back seat of a car that sank Tuesday after plunging off a Miami Beach ferryboat in what's being described as a freak accident. Emma Afra, 63, had driven her Mercedes-Benz to the front of the first of four car...

6th man claims sexual abuse by University of…

A sixth person is publicly accusing a late University of Michigan physician of sexual abuse

Watch Tadpoles Suck Air Bubbles To Breathe

Tiny tadpoles enter the world with a puzzle to solve. Though they need more oxygen than the water can provide, they’re too little to break through the surface and breathe some in.

Mediterranean Diet May Support 'Healthy Aging…

Mediterranean Diet May Support 'Healthy Aging,' Says Study This is according to an analysis found in the British Medical Journal, 'Gut.' The Mediterranean Diet puts an emphasis on vegetables, olive oil, fish, fruits and nuts. As one of the world's healthiest diets, it calls for low intakes of saturated fats, red meat and dairy items. 612 subjects were used for the study, all ranging from 65 to 79 years old. The participants, who hailed from five different countries in Europe, were categorized based on their frailties. Those who stuck to the eating plan after a year showed an increase of "good bacteria" in their guts and a jump in bacteria linked to better brain health. Subjects also reported faster walking speed and improved grip strength. Duke Diet and Fitness Center nutrition director Elisabetta Politi says this study shows how the diet achieves results within one's body. Elisabetta Politi, via 'USA Today'

Jenna Fischer Reveals Why Office Teapot Note…

Fans of The Office know all about the famous teapot Jim gave to Pam for Christmas in season two. They also know he included a card with his true feelings for Pam inside the teapot, only to remove it before she sees it. In a big moment in the final...

Apple Trying To Block Book With Company Secrets

9 Killed In German Hookah Bar Shootings

Police later found the suspect and his mother dead in his home.

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Why do bridges freeze before roads?

You always see the warning signs, but why exactly do bridges freeze before roads?

A Bolton Predecessor Gives Him a Hard Time

Two former national security advisers faced off at a Vanderbilt University event Wednesday, with the Obama administration's Susan Rice taking former Trump staffer John Bolton to task for not testifying in the impeachment process against President Trump. NBC News reports that Bolton scoffed at the idea his testimony regarding Ukraine...