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US consumer confidence sinks as virus begins…

U.S. consumer confidence tumbled in March as the impact of the coronavirus began to be felt

Florida's Calusa Kingdom Built Giant 'Watercourts…

Experts have long been confounded by how the fishing-based Calusa Kingdom, located in what is now Florida, was able to keep a sufficient surplus of food.

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This Day in History: Eiffel Tower Opens

This Day in History: Eiffel Tower Opens March 31, 1889 Designed by Gustave Eiffel, the tower was completed in less than two years, as well as under budget. Eiffel's design was chosen among more than 100 others. The structure is meant as a commemoration of the centenary of the French Revolution. At the time of its opening, it was the tallest man-made structure in the world. To complete the iconic structure, Eiffel faced design skepticism and criticism. Decades after its construction, the tower was accepted as a masterpiece of architecture. Less than two months after its opening, the tower would serve as the entrance to the Paris International Exposition.

New Theory Floated on Origins of Coronavirus

Scientists studying the origins of the coronavirus have found similar strains in bats and pangolins , leading to speculation that it jumped from one or perhaps both of those animals to humans earlier this year. But a new study floats a different idea: that the virus was spreading in humans for...

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AT&T Giving Extra 15GB Of Hotspot Data

Do Closed Courts Violate A Defendant's Sixth…

Many courts across the country are closed due to coronavirus. So what does that mean for folks awaiting a trial?

Cabin left buried under incredible amount of snow

A cabin in Stevens Pass, Washington, was practically buried by heavy snowfall on Monday, March 30.

The Call Of The Wild (Digital Spot)

Trailer for 'The Call of the Wild' starring Karen Gillan, Harrison Ford, Dan Stevens, Bradley Whitford, Jean Louisa Kelly

Surprise Face at Virus Presser May Soon Enter…

His company's ads proliferate on Fox News . Now, Mike Lindell, CEO of the MyPillow manufacturing company based in Minnesota, may be getting a push into politics from none other than the president of the United States. Lindell spoke at Trump's coronavirus briefing Monday and immediately caused a stir, sending "My...

Fed steps in once again to try to smooth out…

The Federal Reserve is intervening once again to try to smooth out the world's lending markets, this time by lending dollars to other central banks in exchange for Treasurys

Strange Tree 'Crop Circles' Are Being Spotted In…

Strange “crop circles” made of cedar trees are being spotted in Japan.

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Here's Why You Can't Find Yeast in Stores

Here's Why You Can't Find Yeast in Stores There has been a noticeable lack of all types of yeast in stores. Sarah Jampel, Bon Appétit editor and former Food52 staff writer, tweeted about the shortage earlier this week. As of March 30, grocery delivery service FreshDirect was sold out of dry active and instant yeast, as well as all-purpose, whole-wheat and bread flour. Consumers have been stockpiling certain items and grocery stores are unable to keep up with the demand. The CDC recommends having a two-week supply of food at home but limiting trips to the grocery store, which means people need more food, but are going to the store less often. If you are unable to find yeast, make your own sourdough bread starter. Pastry chef Zoe Kanan recommends making breads leavened with baking powder or soda instead, like Irish soda bread.

Now Walking Out: Grocery, Delivery Workers

Grocery and delivery workers are doing some of the most potentially dangerous jobs in America during the coronavirus outbreak and they are demanding better pay and protection. Amazon workers at a New York City warehouse walked off the job Monday and Instacart workers held strikes nationwide, reports the San Diego...

Elton John's 'iHeart Living Room Concert for…

Stars performed live music online from their homes and raised nearly $8 million for two charities. The charities serve first responders and Americans facing economic hardship because of COVID-19. According to Reuters, the benefit broadcast was hosted by Elton John from his kitchen. Performances included Billie Eilish, the Backstreet Boys, Lizzo, among more. Fox broadcast network showed the event, calling it the ‘iHeart Living Room Convert for America.

What Happens When We Hit Pause On Playdates

As little kids become stressed, parents might begin to see some behavioral changes.

Snow to streak across Rockies, northern Plains

April will begin with wintry scenes across the northern U.S. as a snowstorm passes through.


Trailer for 'Elephant' starring Meghan Markle

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Scientist: New Data on US 'Gives Me Hope'

Hundreds of millions of Americans are staying home amid tight restrictions aimed at slowing down the coronavirus pandemic. It appears to be working, according to Kinsa Health, a company that makes "smart thermometers" and has used the data to create a "Health Weather" map of the US . The company, which...

Scientists May Have Solved 170-Year-Old Mystery…

In 1848, a physicist in France took the first color photographs, but how he achieved that feat has been a mystery until just recently.