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Winners And Losers From Last Night's Democratic…

Tuesday night's Democratic debate in South Carolina was a raucous affair — so much so that Vox declares chaos to be the only true winner.

Intriguing New Leads Appear In Missing Children…

An Idaho mother was arrested in Hawaii last week in connection with the disappearance of her 2 children. Now, new information is surfacing.

This Medieval Sword Fighting Competition Is…

If you ever watched a movie about medieval times and wanted to try it, apparently, there is a sport for that.

Clint Eastwood Reveals His Pick For President

The lifelong Republican is making waves with his surprising announcement on the 2020 election.

Legendary Mobster Dead At Age 103

The mobster, who rubbed elbows with Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe before a bank robbery rap eventually made him the nation’s oldest federal inmate, has died.

Saudi military students resume US flight training

Military students from Saudi Arabia are resuming flight training at U.S. bases, nearly three months after a Saudi trainee shot and killed three U.S. Navy sailors at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida

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Trump Campaign Files Libel Lawsuit Against New…

President Trump's campaign has filed a libel lawsuit.

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Fear a Socialist in the White House? You're Too…

Editorial writer thinks that there's a decent chance a 'proven socialist' will be in the White House after the 2020 election.

More US Seniors Are Smoking Marijuana, Study Says

More US Seniors Are Smoking Marijuana, Study Says According to the report in 'JAMA Internal Medicine,' Cannabis use by people 65 and older jumped 75 percent from 2015 to 2018. Study author and geriatrician Benjamin Han says senior citizens inquiring about cannabis has become a common trend. NYU's Benjamin Han, via The Verge Findings were based on the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, which had 14,000 respondents. Data goes on to show that marijuana use increased for those with cancer. It was especially noticeable for people diagnosed with diabetes. According to a study last year from PubMed, senior citizens mostly use pot to deal with pain. Han adds that doctors still aren't widely okay with discussing the use of marijuana for patients. This could be due to clinical studies not typically using older adults.

Coca-Cola Running Out Of Key Ingredient

Coca-Cola said the coronavirus disrupted its supply chain of sweeteners from China.

Drive a Pricey Car? These Studies Don't Think…

What kind of person buys an expensive car? "The answers were unambiguous: self-centered men who are argumentative, stubborn, disagreeable, and unempathetic are much more likely to own a high-status car such as an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes." That's straight from the press release regarding one of two recent studies that...

Sanders Cuba Problem

Bernie Sanders campaign is doing well. He won the first three nominating contests. However, he has a major problem: his admiration of Fidel Castro. On 60-Minutes, Sanders praised Castro's Cuban literacy efforts. CNN said that praise could become a long-term political headache for the Vermont senator's campaign. During Tuesday's debate, Sanders pointed out that Barack Obama had made comments similar to his about Cuba. "When dictatorships ... do something good, you acknowledge that, but you don't have to trade love letters with them." That won't calm the nerves of Democrats who are worried about how the GOP will weaponize Sanders' words.

Homes Collapse Down Hill In Landslide

The devastating landslides were caused by heavy rain, which loosened up the soil.

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Hong Kong Offers Its Residents Cash Amid Protests…

Hong Kong has been rocked by protests and now faces coronavirus fears. It's offering adult residents money to revive its economy.

Apollo 13's journey to the far side of the moon

NASA recently released a video detailing what the Apollo 13 astronauts saw during their journey to the far side of the moon, the region never visible back on the Earth.


Trailer for 'Fatima' starring Harvey Keitel, Goran Visnjic, Sonia Braga, Stephanie Gil, Joaquim De Almeida

Doctor: We Put Cauliflower in Trump's Mashed…

The article is about Ronny Jackson's run for Congress, but many headlines that have emerged in coverage of the New York Times piece involve the word "cauliflower." That's because he's also Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician to the past three presidents. And, yes, he's going up against...

Buttigieg aides say path beyond March 3 possible…

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is bracing his supporters for a difficult stretch, with the sobering assertion that front-runner Bernie Sanders will likely emerge from next week's Super Tuesday contests well ahead in the race for delegates

Apple Apparently Doesn't Let Bad Guys Use iPhone…

Movie director Rian Johnson may have just dropped a huge and wide-ranging spoiler.

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Tyra Banks Says She Taught Her Son to Love All…

Tyra Banks Says She Taught Her Son to Love All Body Types Banks revealed the details about her four-year-old son, York, while appearing on 'Good Morning America.' Tyra Banks, on 'Good Morning America' Tyra Banks, on 'Good Morning America' Banks also discussed her latest business venture, ModelLand. The new attraction in Santa Monica, California, allows guests to experience the ultimate modelling fantasy. Tyra Banks, on 'Good Morning America' Tyra Banks, on 'Good Morning America'

Utah's 'Topless Stepmom' Takes a Plea Deal With a…

The Utah woman charged for going topless in her own home in the presence of her stepkids has decided to take a plea deal. Tilli Buchanan, 28, was arrested in November on lewd conduct charges after her stepchildren saw her breasts; she tried to have the case dismissed but found...

Biden Wins Key South Carolina Endorsement

Rep. James Clyburn is the godfather of South Carolina Democratic politics. He announced his support for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign Wednesday. This gives the former vice president a crucial seal of approval among black voters. “But I want the public to know that I'm voting for Joe Biden. South Carolina should be voting for Joe Biden.” Clyburn’s decision comes at a critical time for Biden’s campaign.' Biden suffered three losses to Bernie Sanders and others in the field.