10 Things To Know For Monday

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Search off Bahamas for lost ship turns up debris, no answers

Search off Bahamas for lost US ship finds debris, oil sheen but no definitive answers

The Latest: Search-rescue operations in South Carolina

The Latest: Police in Columbia say Search and rescue efforts continue Monday after flooding

Police Investigate Death of New York Doctor Found In Doorway

A doctor in New York City was found unconscious in an apartment building's doorway. An unidentified man hailed an ambulance but fled after.

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Twitter gives co-founder Jack Dorsey a 2nd chance as CEO

Twitter anoints co-founder as CEO in attempt to breathe new life into short messaging service

Campbell, Omura, Tu win Nobel medicine prize

Campbell, Omura and Tu win Nobel medicine prize for discoveries on malaria, parasites

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Is Almost Complete

Negotiators have cleared another hurdle to signing the massive 12-nation trade agreement known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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Best-selling Swedish author Henning Mankell dead at age 67

Henning Mankell, best-selling Swedish author of Wallander series, dies at age 67

NYU engineering school receives $100M gift

NYU School of Engineering receives $100 million gift, will be renamed after donors

Ex-U.Va. athlete to learn fate of US Supreme Court appeal

Ex-U.Va. athlete convicted in 2010 slaying to learn fate of US Supreme Court appeal on Monday

The Supreme Court Will Tackle 2 More Heated Issues This Term

The Supreme Court's new session starts Monday, and justices are set to consider abortion laws and affirmative action.

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The Twitter follow lists of the 2016 candidates

Listening to the likeminded: The 2016 hopefuls and whom they follow _ and don't _ on Twitter

Zip line popularity soars along with injuries, study finds

As zip line popularity soars, so do injuries, study finds; safety tips can help minimize risks

University of Louisiana-Monroe Mourns Loss of 20-Year-Old QB

A college quarterback died abruptly Saturday morning, sending a shockwave through the sports community.

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US, Chile to announce new marine sanctuaries at conference

US to announce 2 new marine sanctuaries; Chile moving to protect waters near Easter Island

Student debt squeezing parents and children simultaneously

In some families, student debt squeezes parents and children simultaneously and clouds future

South Carolina flood: Door-to-door searches, swamped roads

South Carolina flood: Swamped streets, hundreds of rescues, more door-to-door searches next

Coast Guard Finds Objects Believed to Belong to Missing Ship

Objects found floating near the southeastern Bahamas could belong to the missing container ship El Faro that was caught in Hurricane Joaquin.

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Why credit bureau Experian has data on T-Mobile customers

A look at Experian, the credit monitoring company at the center of the T-Mobile data breach

Wyoming sees first confirmed human case of rabies

Wyoming sees first confirmed, recorded case of human rabies in Fremont County woman

President Obama's New Ozone Regulation Pleases No One

The Obama administration has lowered the limit on ozone emissions, but the move has angered environmentalists and the manufacturing sector.

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Clinton draws early support but also ambivalence from voters

Early state voters say there's a lot to admire about Hillary Clinton, but not so much to love

Turkey says Russian warplane violated its airspace

Turkey summons Russian ambassador after warplane violates airspace

10 Things to Know for Today

10 Things to Know for Today