France, Germany want limits on encryption to fight terrorism

France and Germany want messaging apps such as Telegram to limit encryption to help governments monitor communications among suspected terrorists

Delphi, Mobileye join forces on autonomous car platform

Auto parts and electronics company Delphi Automotive is joining with Israeli software maker Mobileye to develoDelphi and Mobileye plan to build a complete autonomous driving platformp the building blocks for a fully autonomous car in about two years

AutoComplete: Here's your first look at Roborace's autonomous development prototype

Delphi and Mobileye want self-driving cars by 2019, and Silicon Valley startups head to Michigan's Mcity.

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Twitter ups efforts to shut down users linked to terrorism

Number of daily suspensions up more than 80 percent since 2015

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Robocall Strike Force Brings Unwanted Calls And Texts To Justice

The FCC is partnering with some of the largest tech companies to curtail annoying automated phone calls with the Robocall Strike Force.

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Official: FBI investigating cyberattack of New York Times

A U.S. official says the FBI is investigating a cyberattack targeting reporters of The New York Times and is looking into whether Russian intelligence agencies are responsible

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Global travel spending still growing but at a slower pace

Global travel spending is still growing, although at a slower pace, despite weakening economies and fears over terrorism

LG B6 and E6 OLED TVs give the best picture we've ever tested

The latest OLED-based televisions from LG combine beautiful styling and jaw-dropping image quality to leave competing LCD TVs in the dust.

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Social Security rolls back security measures on website

The Social Security Administration is rolling back extra security measures on the agency's website after getting complaints from people who had trouble accessing their accounts

Drones: The difference between professional and toy flying machines (Open_Tab)

Drones are all over the market, from high-end ones all the way down to cheaper toys that happen to fly. CNET's resident drone expert Joshua Goldman talks with Jeff Bakalar about the differences between these bigger and smaller drones, and Mike Sorrentino pulls in your drone questions in this Open_Tab excerpt. Plus, we fly a drone live in the studio, which goes about as unpredictably as it sounds.

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Google rolling out latest Android system to Nexus phones

Google is ready to sending out the latest version of its Android operating system to a handful of devices

Revel Concerta2 F36 a taste of high-end

The Revel Concerta2 F36 floorstander is a beautiful-looking speaker which offers dynamic and expressive sound quality

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Samsung Gear VR is still my favorite way to use VR, because it's small

Gear VR now connects with the Note 7. It's still pretty similar to what it was before, but it's also the best way to get VR on the go.

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New features in Android Nougat

Now you can run two apps side-by-side, quickly switch between apps, and directly reply to notifications from the shade.

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AutoComplete: Massachusetts will tax ridesharing and give that money to taxi companies

Hyundai introduces on-demand test drives, and Tesla launches a 2-year lease program.

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Facebook debuts Lifestage, Lyft tried to sell itself and Google to remove Chrome apps

Facebook has debuted an under 21 spin-off app, Lyft was looking to sell itself and Google will slowly start removing Chrome apps from third-party operating systems.

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