UN Agency: El Nino Will Be A Major Force

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Trial begins for officer charged with abusing Indian man

Trial begins for police officer charged with abusing Indian man; incident recorded on video

Parents of women killed on San Francisco pier file claims

Parents of women slain on San Francisco pier file claims saying agent left gun in backpack

McDonald's All Day Breakfast Isn't Just for Customers

McDonald's is finally going to start serving breakfast all day long, but it's not just to make you happy — it's a business move.

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Parents Of Women Killed On San Francisco Pier File Claims Against Feds

Parents of women slain on San Francisco pier file claims saying agent left gun in backpack.

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CEOs big news can cause ripple effects for company

Yahoo's Mayer among many CEOs that face balancing act announcing health or personal news

FDA issues warning letters to powdered caffeine distributors

Citing consumer risk, FDA sends warning letters to 5 distributors of pure powdered caffeine

Why Is President Obama Spending So Much Time in Alaska?

The president's trip to Alaska is scheduled to be his longest so far this year. So what's the big deal? It's about Alaska's geography and politics.

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Missouri man with life sentence for pot offenses to be freed

Missouri man serving life in prison without parole for marijuana-related offenses to be freed

Protests block Guatemala Congress as impeachment considered

Protesters block Guatemalan Congress as lawmakers set to deliberate president's fate

Arkansas governor asked to set execution dates for 8 inmates

Arkansas attorney general asks governor to schedule executions for 8 inmates after decade gap

Judge drops case against prominent gay-rights activist

Judge drops case against gay-rights activist Terry Bean when alleged victim refuses to testify

Idris Elba Is Definitely Suave Enough to Play James Bond

Anthony Horowitz, current "James Bond" author, said Idris Elba is "too street" to play 007. We investigated why that statement is inaccurate.

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Pope Takes Startling Stance On Abortion Issue

Pope: Some women feel they had no other option in having abortion.

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Court sides with Uber drivers to expand case over pay

Judge grants class-action status to case in California against Uber over payment of drivers

Approaching health law tax is not just a levy on luxury

'Cadillac tax,' effective in 2018, seen as broad, complex and likely to snag middle class

Why CEOs Who Are New Fathers Don't Steal Headlines

Yahoo's CEO announced Tuesday she's pregnant, and the media won't stop talking about it. So, why don't CEOs who are new dads get this attention?

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US presidential hopeful Marco Rubio to visit Puerto Rico

US presidential hopeful Marco Rubio to visit Puerto Rico

Ex-student who sparked campus lockdown won't face charges

No charges for ex-Mississippi State University student who sparked campus lockdown

Police in Illinois hunt for 3 suspects after officer killed

Police in northern Illinois hunt for 3 suspects with dogs, helicopters after officer shot dead

Cellphone Video Shows 2 Officers Shooting a San Antonio Man

Cellphone footage appears to show a San Antonio man raising his hands and two officers shooting him. County officials said they knew about the video.

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Yahoo chief Mayer says she's pregnant with twins

Yahoo chief Mayer says she's pregnant with twins, expecting in December

Study: Midlife obesity may spur risk for earlier Alzheimer's

Weight in middle age may influence who's at risk for Alzheimer's later on, and when it strikes

A Closer Look at Google's New Logo

Google's new logo is the most significant change since 1999 when Google flattened its letters and picked its four colors.

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Key Democrat: Senate will uphold Obama on Iran nuke deal

Key Democrat predicts Senate will have votes by week's end to uphold Obama on Iran nuke deal