FEMA administrator on rescue efforts in Puerto…

Brock Long shares an update on hurricane disaster response on 'Your World'

What could happen if NKorea tests hydrogen bomb…

Former USS Cole Commander Kirk Lippold provides insight

The Latest: Jury reaches verdict in nursing…

A jury has resumed deliberating a verdict in the tense trial of a man charged with kidnapping and fatally shooting Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo

Ann Coulter says she won't attend Berkeley free…

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter says she's not coming to "Free Speech Week" at the University of California, Berkeley, amid growing signs the event could fizzle

Woman arrested after brandishing gun at…

Authorities say they have arrested a woman who pointed a gun at employees inside the Kardashian-owned DASH boutique in West Hollywood and later threatened reporters with a machete

Families of missing in Mexico quake still hold…

Survivors are still being pulled from rubble in Mexico City as rescue operations stretch into a fourth day, spurring hope among desperate relatives gathered at the sites of buildings collapsed by a magnitude 7.1 earthquake

Mercedes-Benz agreeing to replace seat heaters after lawsuit

A federal judge has granted preliminary approval of a lawsuit settlement involving seat heaters in more than 270,000 Mercedes-Benz SUVs

Speed up iOS 11 on older iPhones

Don't be dismayed if your iPhone 5 or 6 isn't as peppy as it used to be. These tips should help solve some speed issues now that you're running the updated OS.

Bill Gates tries speaking Pidgin

This is what some of BBC Pidgin's audience asked Microsoft Founder and philanthropist Bill Gates.

The New York Times - How To | Activate an Artwork

From The New York Times: Per the artist's instructions, a french horn by the sculptor Darren Bader is used as a serving vessel for sauces – in this case, guacamole.By: By MARCUS GAAB. Watch the original video on Times Video:

5 Incredible Vacation Spots That Are Surprisingly…

The exchange rate for the U.S. dollar is strong right now which means traveling to some locations is more affordable for Americans.

Mellancamp on music, activism in the Trump era

Joe Scarborough sits down with the one and only singer/songwriter John Mellancamp for a talk about Mellancamp's new music, his politics, activism in the age of Trump and the history of Farm Aid.

Matthews: Everyone in the White House is lawyered…

Reports say staffers walk the halls worried that another staffer, one looking for ammo to protect themselves, might be wired.

Confederate Monuments Become Flashpoint At…

Ed Gillespie and Ralph Northam squared off over how to handle confederate monuments during the Virginia Governor’s Debate, moderated by Chuck Todd with NBC Washington.

Our Pets Are Getting Fat Because of Junk Food

Everyone loves spoiling their pets, but all those snacks you call pet lovin’ is making your furry friends fatter. Jose Sepulveda(@josespeulvedatv) has more.

Trump weighs new travel restrictions as ban nears…

President Donald Trump is weighing new, more tailored travel restrictions as his travel ban reaches its expiration

Elderly deaths: Call for generators in Florida nursing homes

After nursing home deaths in Irma's wake, Florida regulators say they will enforce new rules requiring nursing homes and assisted living facilities to have generators

School board asks court to dismiss transgender teen's suit

A Virginia school board has asked a federal court judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a transgender teen who sued for the right to use the boys bathroom at his high school

Do Sleeping Humans Really Swallow 8 Spiders A…

The claim is well-known, but the science behind if this phenomenon actually exists isn't nearly as popular.

Zuckerberg says Facebook won't issue new class of stock

Mark Zuckerberg says the company is withdrawing plans to create a new class of stock that would have let the him keep tight reins on the company even as he sold down his stake to fund his philanthropy

NKorea threatens to test Hydrogen bomb over…

Kevin Corke reports on exchange of rhetoric between President Trump and Kim Jong Un