Manufacturer inspecting other engines after jetliner fire

Engine maker inspecting parts on other planes after British Airways fire in Las Vegas

The Latest: Prosecutor: Charges show UN hit by corruption

The Latest: Prosecutor says ex-UN General Assembly president sold himself, institution he led

Demi Lovato Is Promoting More Than Music With Upcoming Album

Demi Lovato is using her media tour to promote way more than her album by touching on topics like body image and mental illness.

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New auto safety technologies leave some drivers bewildered

'My car does what?' New auto safety technology leaves some drivers confused

FDA's new anti-smoking campaign uses hip-hop to target youth

FDA launches 'Fresh Empire' anti-smoking campaign aimed at 'hip-hop' youth

US stocks are mixed in afternoon trading; DuPont jumps

US stock indexes are mixed in afternoon trading following a five-day rally; DuPont soars

Woman Is Chill About Admitting to Cheating on National TV

One woman admitted she cheated on an old boyfriend on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and that video has gone viral.

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Ben Carson would have sacrificed life to stop Oregon attack

Republican Ben Carson, gun control opponent, would have given life to stop Oregon attack

Ukraine rebels to delay local elections

Ukraine rebels to delay local elections, sidestepping issue of tension in talks

Wright house aimed at wider audience rediscovered in Madison

Frank Lloyd Wright house, among those designed for a broader audience, rediscovered in Madison

South Carolina sees sun, but flooding ordeal far from over

Despite sunny skies, South Carolina ordeal far from over after historic floods

US Bombing Highlights Human Rights Concerns In Afghanistan

U.S. command in Afghanistan will focus on human rights after a U.S. airstrike killed 22 and after reports of covering up sexual abuse.

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Microsoft unveils fitness tracker; tablet, phones expected

Microsoft rolling out new slate of products, including HoloLens virtual-reality device

Report: More US hospitals are encouraging breast-feeding

More US hospitals encourage breast-feeding; two-thirds prod moms to start within hour of birth

FAA proposes nearly $2 million fine against drone operator

FAA proposes record fine against a drone operator for flying in crowded NYC, Chicago airspace

What the India-Pakistan Rivalry Looks Like From Space

The fortified border between India and Pakistan is one of the few international boundaries that can be seen from space.

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VW, with limited DC lobbying footprint, braces for Congress

Volkswagen, with limited US lobbying footprint, faces cheating hearing on Capitol Hill

After weeks of unrest, Palestinian leader appeals for calm

After weeks of unrest, Palestinian leader appeals for calm, dialogue with Israel

DC considering 16 weeks paid leave for parents, caregivers

DC considering 16 weeks paid leave for parents, caregivers; plan would be most generous in US

The Latest: Guard dropping 1-ton sandbags on breeched dam

The Latest: National Guard dropping 1-ton sandbags on breeched dam after historic flooding

These NFL Teams Look Terrible, and It's Only Week 5

A handful of NFL teams are off to rough starts this year and may want to start thinking about next season.

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European data sharing pact with US ruled invalid

In blow to companies, Europe's top court says data stored on US servers not safe from spying

China wins long-sought Nobel Prize in one of the sciences

China's long-sought first Nobel in science goes to little-known researcher on malaria medicine

SABMiller May Have Rejected a Merger Offer Worth 12 Figures

Insiders say Anheuser-Busch InBev's $100 billion takeover offer wasn't good enough for SABMiller.

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Friends, family, admirers remember Bond in DC memorial

Friends, family, admirers remember Bond as giant of civil rights movement

Korean energy economist to head UN climate science panel

South Korean expert in climate change economics to head Nobel winning UN global warming panel

Woman says airline suggested pumping breast milk in pet area

Woman says United Airlines staff suggested she pump break milk in airport's pet-relief area