Assisted-suicide advocate Kevorkian's papers open to public

Michigan library acquires papers of assisted-suicide advocate Kevorkian; open for review

2 firefighters die saving 2 other lives in Kansas City blaze

Fire chief: 2 Kansas City firefighters killed saving residents from collapsing fiery building

Two Kansas City Firefighters Killed After Building Collapses

Two Kansas City, Missouri, firefighters are dead and two are injured after a burning burning building collapsed on them Monday evening.

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Twitter purging 336 workers as new CEO slashes costs

Twitter laying off 336 people, 8 percent workforce as new CEO cracks down on expenses

800-pound Rhode Island man says he's determined to slim down

800-pound Rhode Island man with dreams of becoming an actor says he's determined to slim down

Zimbabwe Drops Charges Against Man Who Killed Cecil The Lion

Zimbabwean officials announced Monday they will not charge Walter Palmer for killing Cecil the lion. But are we surprised?

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The Latest: Relatives told Buk missile downed MH17

The Latest: Relatives silent as investigators say MH17 downed by a Buk missile

Police: Standoff ends in Mississippi with suspect dead

Police: Mississippi standoff with man resisting eviction over, suspect dead, officer injured

The Latest: Fire that killed 2 firefighters still burning

The Latest on Kansas City fire: Blaze still burning 12 hours after it started

Will California's "Redskins" Ban Cause Domino Effect?

​Gov. Jerry Brown made California the first state to ban the nickname "Redskins" for any public school by signing the California Racial Mascots Act on

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Apple adds Retina displays to its iMacs

Apple adds Retina displays to iMacs, redesigns Magic devices

Bush offers plan to repeal, replace federal health care law

Jeb Bush offers a 'conservative vision' of health care insurance for the future

Why MRSA Infections Plague the NFL

​The NFL's "concussion problem" is well-documented. But its issues with MRSA staph infections are in the forefront this week.

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AP Exclusive: Clinton server's software had hacking risk

AP Exclusive: Clinton homemade email server was connected in ways that raised risks of hacking

Dutch Safety Board: Buk missile downed MH17 in Ukraine

Dutch Safety Board says Buk missile fired from surface to air system downed MH17

South Carolina lowers alert level after historic flooding

South Carolina officials lower alert level nearly 2 weeks after onset of historic flooding

Massachusetts nuclear power plant to close by 2019

Owners of only nuclear power plant in Massachusetts plan shutdown by 2019, citing costs

Attacking the Press Is an Old but Useful Campaign Tactic

Attacking the press is one of the oldest tactics in the political handbook, but different candidates are using it to different ends.

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Correction: Gun violence research story

Correction: Gun violence research story

The Alphabet Soup of Turkish Politics

Turkey's rival political factions are trading blame after the weekend's deadly bombings.

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Ireland plans tax cuts, spending hikes as election looms

Ireland unveils plans for tax cuts, spending increases as election looms

Jerusalem attacks kill 3 as wave of violence escalates

Deadly Jerusalem attacks escalate wave of violence, mayor proposes sealing off some Arab areas

Man suing over injury from giant pine cone in San Francisco

Man suing after giant pine cone falls, causes brain injury in San Francisco park