Boston University professor says 'Jingle Bells…

Theater history professor says Christmas classic was originally performed to make fun of African-Americans.

Arguments heard in defamation case against…

President Trump's lawyers ask a court in New York to drop a lawsuit involving past claims of sexual misconduct during the production of 'The Apprentice'; senior correspondent Rick Leventhal reports.

With Christmas nearing, retailers feel pressure…

With Christmas on a Monday, most retailers have one less day to get packages delivered on time

Plane that led Normandy invasion discovered…

A plane that led the invasion of Normandy during World War II has been saved from a junkyard and carefully restored in Wisconsin

The Latest: Penn State says it promotes safety in…

Penn State says it is committed to promoting safety and accountability in fraternities following grand jury report saying school officials displayed 'shocking apathy' to dangers of excessive drinking

White House signals Western Wall has to be part of Israel

Senior Trump administration officials are outlining their view that Jerusalem's Western Wall has to be a part of Israel, in another declaration sure to enflame passions among Palestinians and others in the Middle East

Father sentenced for severely beating 7-year-old son

A Massachusetts father who severely beat and abused his 7-year-old son has been sentenced to up to five years in prison

'Why don't you know about jollof rice?'

West African food is expected to be big in 2018.

The New York Times - Trump’s Judicial Nominee…

From The New York Times: Matthew S. Petersen, a U.S. District Court judge nominee, failed to answer several questions about the law when asked by Senator John Kennedy at a hearing.By: By THE NEW YORK TIMES. Watch the original video on Times Video:

What the End of Net Neutrality Means for You

Net neutrality as we’ve known it is over. The Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to repeal rules over how Internet service providers, or ISPs, grant online access. And the change could have significant consequences for your Internet.

California Family Builds Life-Size Millennium…

This isn’t Porg in the passenger seat in the Millennium Falcon. This is one family in Lafayette, California celebrating Christmas like any Star Wars fans building a life-sized Millennium Falcon on their roof in honor of the Last Jedi being released. Buzz60's Nick Cardona (@nickcardona93) has that story.

Trump touts loyalty to police but delivers attack…

President Donald Trump unleashed a blistering attack on the bureau's leadership even as he praised local police officers as a bulwark against rising violence and crime.

2-time terror survivor's message to attackers: I forgive you

A man who survived two terror attacks has a message for the assailants: I forgive you

Judge rejects fears of state business seizure in dune cases

A New Jersey judge has rejected fears by private beach operators that the state's seizure of part of their sand will also enable the state to seize their businesses

Mario Batali Fired From 'The Chew' After Sexual…

Earlier this week, ABC asked celebrity chef Mario Batali to temporarily leave the daytime cooking show while it reviewed the allegations against him.

NASA drops replica Orion spacecraft to test parachutes

NASA says it successfully tested the Orion spacecraft's parachutes by dropping a replica spacecraft from an Air Force transport aircraft over a desert test site in southwestern Arizona

The biggest health stories of 2017

To the nation's opioid crisis to curing HIV in animals, here's a look back at the biggest health stories in 2017.

Toensing: FBI, DOJ sought to clear Clinton, frame…

Attorney for FBI informant in Uranium One probe reacts to documents showing Comey softened remarks in Clinton email probe.

Oklahoma man sentenced to death for beheading his…

An Oklahoma judge on Friday has sentenced a man to death in the 2014 beheading of a co-worker at a food processing plant