Pastor's sermon: "Violence will not have the last word"

Church leaders in rural Oregon town at forefront of healing process after campus killings

Bermuda whipped by weakening Hurricane Joaquin

Joaquin weakening as it passes Bermuda, buffeting UK territory with heavy winds, rain

President Obama's New Ozone Regulation Pleases No One

The Obama administration has lowered the limit on ozone emissions, but the move has angered environmentalists and the manufacturing sector.

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Why credit bureau Experian has data on T-Mobile customers

A look at Experian, the credit monitoring company at the center of the T-Mobile data breach

Wyoming sees first confirmed human case of rabies

Wyoming sees first confirmed, recorded case of human rabies in Fremont County woman

Exit poll: Portugal government likely re-elected

Exit poll: Portuguese government likely re-elected despite painful austerity policies

Historic Rainfall Takes Its Toll on South Carolina

Heavy rainfall on the East Coast forced several states to declare states of emergency. Charleston, South Carolina, has received the brunt of it.

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Man arrested in freeway shooting in Phoenix suburb

Authorities make arrest in Phoenix-area freeway shooting, calling it isolated incident

Oven suspected in Minneapolis fire that killed 3 children

3 children die after house fire in north Minneapolis; officials suspect oven used for heat

Jason Chaffetz Runs for Speaker of the House Amid GOP Divide

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz announced his interest in the position of speaker of the House.

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Google officially becomes Alphabet

Google officially reorganizes under holding company Alphabet

Again? Health care debate expands for 2016

From single government-run system to dismantling 'Obamacare,' health care debate broadens

Bernanke: Wall St execs should have gone to jail for crisis

Former Fed chief Bernanke says Wall Street executives should have gone to jail for crisis role

At Least 16 Killed, 3 Missing In French Riviera Floods

Two months' worth of rain hit the French Riviera in just two hours and caused torrential floods that killed at least 16, according to reports.

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Chaffetz's bid for House speaker muddies GOP leadership race

Rep. Jason Chaffetz announces uphill bid for House speaker against No. 2 leader Kevin McCarthy

Hope dims for finding survivors of deadly Guatemala mudslide

Hope fades for finding survivors in mound left by Guatemala mudslide that killed at least 114

Historic South Carolina floods: Heavy rain, hundreds rescued

East Coast rain: Roads buckle, hundreds rescued from historic floodwaters in South Carolina

San Francisco's last gun store closing doors for good

San Francisco's last gun store closing after 60 years in business, cites proposed regulation

Gay Priest Loses Duties At The Vatican After Coming Out

A senior priest announced he was gay and quickly lost duties at the Vatican. He thought it was important and he doesn't seem shocked by the response.

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In Tech: Music for kids, Facebook video profiles and more

In Tech: Music for kids, Facebook video profiles, Samsung watch, Apple CEO, unlimited data

Public health emergency declared due to lead in Flint water

Public health emergency declared over lead in Flint water after children show elevated levels

'The Martian' lands with $55 million debut

'The Martian' lands with $55 million debut, 'Sicario' draws strongly in expansion

Dozens Dead, Hundreds Missing in Guatemalan Landslide

More than 100 homes were buried in the landslide, which was triggered by heavy rains Thursday. The government reports dozens have died.

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Meet Val the bartender: Hillary Clinton does an 'SNL' skit

And action! Hillary Clinton plays a wise bartender consoling candidate Clinton in 'SNL' sketch

More debris but no word on fate of ship lost off Bahamas

US search teams find debris, oil sheen in near last known position of cargo ship off Bahamas

California governor signs bill closing ivory sales loophole

California governor approves legislation aimed at closing loophole in state's ivory sales law