Police: Suspect in 4 Vermont deaths may have recorded plans

Police: Suspect in killings of Vermont social worker, 3 relatives may have recorded intentions

Workers accused of day care 'Fight Club' plead not guilty

Workers charged with instigating kids' scuffles in day care 'Fight Club' plead not guilty

With Clerk in Jail, Ky. County Issues Gay Marriage Licenses

James Yates and William Smith, Jr. are the first to be issued a same-sex marriage license after a county clerk was jailed for refusing to issue them.

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Wave of new Windows 10 devices on show at Berlin tech fair

Manufacturers pin hopes on Windows 10 sales boost in declining market for PCs

Germany: 30 apparently suffer amphetamine poisoning

Germany: some 30 people at homeopathic conference suffer apparent amphetamine poisoning

The UK Is Finally Taking in More Syrian Refugees

The United Kingdom is taking in more refugees from Syria, though how many is unconfirmed. Syria's neighbors still host the bulk of refugees.

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Conceding defeat, Iran deal opponents at least want a vote

Unable to stop the Iran nuclear deal, opponents at least want a vote on disapproval measure

Supporters of Christian politician hold huge rally in Beirut

Thousands of supporters of Christian Lebanese leader protest in Beirut to demand new elections

Gay couples will try to wed as defiant clerk sits in jail

Same-sex couples will try to get marriage licenses as Kentucky clerk sits in jail for contempt

A look at the Illinois officer slaying investigation

A look at what's next in the hunt for 3 men wanted in Illinois officer shooting

Biden Doesn't Know If He Has the 'Emotional Energy' for 2016

Vice President Joe Biden says he'll only enter the 2016 presidential race if he can make it work for his family.

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Toyota to invest $50M in car-tech research at Stanford, MIT

Toyota pouring $50 million into Stanford, MIT research centers to help automate driving

Near LA's Koreatown, pastor tries to lift veil on drug abuse

Near LA's Koreatown, pastor tries to lift veil on drug abuse among young Asian adults

Billionaire's Solution to Migrant Crisis: A Private Island

An Egyptian billionaire wants to buy a Mediterranean island for refugees fleeing to Europe.

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Clinton: I didn't 'stop and think' about email system

Clinton says in interview she wasn't thinking about her email system when she joined State

Shooting at Sacramento college kills 1, wounds 2; man sought

Police seek gunman in shooting at Sacramento college that killed 1, wounded 2

Small plane crashes on New Jersey rec field; 2 aboard hurt

Small plane crashes on New Jersey rec field hours before sports practices began; 2 aboard hurt

Guatemala's Government Corruption: A Timeline

Guatemala's government is in trouble for corruption. Here is a timeline of the events.

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BlackBerry will buy security company Good Tech for $425M

BlackBerry says it will buy mobile device security company Good Technology for $425M

1st of Tanzanian albino kids with missing limbs goes home

1st of Tanzanian albino witchcraft victims with missing limbs goes home with prosthetic arm

Boeing names its new Apollo-style spacecraft the Starliner

Boeing names its new Apollo-style spacecraft the Starliner; crew capsule to fly in 2017

Survivors Divided on Death Penalty for Dylann Roof

Dylann Roof, the man accused of killing nine in a South Carolina church, could face the death penalty. But survivors have mixed reactions about that.

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Expensive ad space almost sold out for debate

CNN raking in advertising money for Republican debate on Sept. 16

The Latest: British leader pledges more help for migrants

The Latest: British leader Cameron says UK plans to accept more Syrians

Ice Age fossils found in Carlsbad where new homes planned

Mammoths, others Ice Age fossils found at Carlsbad construction site where new homes planned