President Obama and Seth Myers joke about Trump

Some have speculated that the jokes President Obama and comedian Seth Meyers made at the expense of the real estate mogul encouraged him to run for office.

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Biologists investigating what killed sea lion found on farm

Washington state biologists are trying to determine what killed a sea lion that was captured and released after it was found in the driveway of a cattle farm about 50 miles from the ocean

Ohio massacre: 1 family, 8 dead, hundreds of tips, 0 answers

The slayings of eight members of one family have stunned their rural community in Ohio as investigators scramble to determine who targeted the clan and why

Civil rights panel to hold hearing over Flint water crisis

The Michigan Civil Rights Commission plans its first public hearing into whether Flint residents faced discrimination during the switch to the Flint River for drinking water and subsequent lead contamination

You, Too, Can Live Like Jay Gatsby In This Florida Mansion

The six-bedroom, 10-bathroom home inspired by "The Great Gatsby" is being put up for auction Saturday.

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NYC's Newest Most Expensive Apartment Lists for $120 Million

John Gutfreund, the former CEO of Salomon Brothers, died last month of pneumonia and the 12,000 square foot apartment has since been on the market. 

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Dogs Rescued From Meat Farm Coming To US In Search Of Forever Homes

The dogs and puppies are being transported to shelters around the U.S. and Canada, thanks to the Humane Society International.

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The Latest: Syrian agency says 4 killed in Aleppo gov't area

The Latest: Syria's state media says rebel shelling kills 4 in government part of Aleppo city

Mental exam focus of hearing in Colorado clinic shooting

The man who acknowledges killing three people at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic will return to court for a discussion of his mental health.

Italian Chihuahuas Being Kidnapped for Ransom

The amount of Chihuahuas being kidnapped in Italy is insane. Officials are warning people to keep an eye on their pups. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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The Latest: Jane Sanders: Open primaries 'more democratic'

Bernie Sanders' wife and adviser Jane Sanders says his campaign will do well in the remaining contests because they are open primaries, which she describes as "more democratic."

People Tore Apart This College Cheer Team's 'How To Look' Guidelines

Some have argued the guidelines sexualized women, and others say they implied minorities were less desired.

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Emergency managers: 5 to 12 inches of rain in Gulfport

Emergency managers in Gulfport, Mississippi, say 5 to 12 inches of rain fell during a thunderstorm, causing major street flooding and water to enter homes

House GOP seeks to block stricter rule on retirement savings

The GOP-controlled House has voted to overturn new Obama administration rules requiring stricter standards for brokers about retirement investments

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California lawmakers reject John Wayne Day after debate

California lawmakers defeated a resolution intended to honor John Wayne after opponents challenged what they say are racist statements by the late actor

Now Everyone's Wondering If Prescription Drugs Killed Prince

Prince was carrying prescription drugs when he died. The cause of death will be released after results from a toxicology test and autopsy come in.

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Car crash kills four university students

Four female students from the University of Georgia were killed and another was critically injured in a two-vehicle crash.

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Comcast buying DreamWorks Animation for about $3.55B

Comcast buying DreamWorks Animation for about $3.55 billion

San Bernardino terrorist's brother arrested

Federal authorities have arrested three people in a criminal marriage fraud investigation related to San Bernardino, California, terrorist Syed Farook, the U.S. Attorney's office said.

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Warrants served in probe stemming from San Bernardino attack

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies have served warrants at two locations in Southern California in connection with the attack that killed 14 people in San Bernardino

The Latest: Mental exam focus of hearing in clinic shooting

A police detective says the man who acknowledges killing three people at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic said he believes defense attorneys' move to have him declared mentally incompetent is part of a plot to diminish his message opposing abortion

UC Davis chancellor placed on leave over "missteps"

The chancellor of the University of California's Davis campus was put on paid leave amid an uproar over the school's hiring of consultants to improve its image online, following the widely criticized pepper-spraying of protesters by campus police.

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John Boehner Just Called Ted Cruz 'Lucifer In The Flesh'

According to a report from The Stanford Daily, Boehner described Cruz as "Lucifer in the flesh" during a discussion at the university.

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Residents Complaining City Smells Like Vinegar

The city of Bristol in England is hearing some complaints from the people who live there because they're saying it smells like vinegar. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Trump Thinks ISIS Is 'Making Millions' From Oil In Libya. It's Not.

Trump claimed in a foreign policy speech that ISIS is "making millions" from selling Libyan oil. Problem is ISIS doesn't control any Libyan oil.

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