Army chaplain wins prize to give 9/11 sermon by ground zero

Army chaplain from Texas wins national prize to deliver 9/11 sermon at chapel by ground zero

The Latest: Former president Bush arrives in New Orleans

The Latest: Former president Bush, wife arrive at New Orleans high school for Katrina event

Student Dead After Shooting at Savannah State University

Junior Christopher Starks died from gunshot wounds after a shooting occurred on campus Thursday evening.

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Bush Returns To New Orleans For 10th Anniversary Of Katrina

Bush returns to New Orleans, a low point in his presidency, for 10th anniversary of Katrina.

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Appeals court reverses ruling that found NSA program illegal

Appeals court sides with Obama administration in dispute over bulk collection of phone records

Leading stem cell scientist cleared of misconduct charges

Swedish university clears doctor who made wind pipes with stem cells of scientific misconduct

Greece's First Female PM Likely Won't Be in Charge for Long

Supreme Court Judge Vassiliki Thanou will head the interim government until the September elections.

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Appeals court says Supreme Court can ban protests on plaza

Appellate judges rule Supreme Court can keep protesters off court's plaza

Exhausted migrants scuffle at Greek-Macedonian border

Exhausted and thirsty, migrants scuffle to get across the Greek-Macedonian border

Authorities in Vegas probing death of child in hot vehicle

Authorities in Las Vegas investigating death of child left in hot vehicle on 100-degree day

White supremacist to defend himself in Jewish site shootings

White supremacist slated to offer defense in capital murder trial for Jewish site shootings

Guatemalans Demand President Pérez Resign Amid Scandal

Thousands of protestors in Guatemala are rallying against President Otto Pérez Molina amid a massive corruption scandal.

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GOP's Walker Promises To Aggressively Confront Terrorism

Wisconsin's Walker says US 'cannot afford' to lose fight against radical Islamic terrorists.

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Ashley Madison CEO steps down in wake of hacking

Ashley Madison CEO leaves company in wake of hacking, leak of member information

Q&A: Questions, answers in Planned Parenthood controversy

Q&A: Questions, answers in the Planned Parenthood controversy over tissue from aborted fetuses

Awesome New Tesla Broke Consumer Reports' Rating System

The new Tesla Model S P85D broke Consumer Reports rating system, scoring a 103/100. That's right, it's so awesome it broke the system.

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The Latest: Clinton, Sanders appeal to national Democrats

The Latest: Clinton, Sanders and Democratic presidential field woo party's national committee

Senegal activist: Release 7 men convicted of gay acts

Senegal activist calls for release of 7 men sentenced to prison for homosexual acts

Prosecutors: No retrial for white officer who shot black man

Prosecutors say they won't seek retrial for white North Carolina officer who shot black man

Firefighters holding their own against giant wildfire

Washington firefighters holding their own against giant Okanogan wildfire despite high winds.

Emmett Till and the Renewed Push to Solve Civil Rights Cases

Emmett Till was murdered 60 years ago, and the U.S. Department of Justice is still struggling to resolve civil rights-era murders.

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What's in a billion? Facebook users hit milestone in 1 day

A billion people logged in to Facebook on Monday. Where are the next billions coming from?

Amgen wins approval for second biotech cholesterol drug

FDA approves Amgen's Repatha, 2nd in new class of breakthrough cholesterol drugs

Fed vice chair indicates September rate hike still possible

Fed Vice Chair Fischer: Watching incoming data, markets to make decision on rates in September

Europe's Migrant Crisis Leads to Grisly Scene in Austria

Austrian authorities discovered a truck full of migrant bodies on the side of the highway Thursday.

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