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Caroline Kennedy boosted US-Japan ties as US…

Caroline Kennedy is stepping down Wednesday after three years as U.S. ambassador to Japan

Japan hotel chain under fire over denial of Rape of Nanking

A fast-growing Japanese hotel chain is facing criticism over a book penned by the hotel's owner that says the Rape of Nanking was fabricated

President-elect Trump questions US funding of…

Eric Shawn reports from New York

Nigerian army accidentally bombs refugee camp

A Nigerian fighter jet misfired during an operation, striking a refugee camp and killing dozens of civilians. CNN's Farai Sevenzo reports.

$75,000 For Your Own Rose Garden and Other…

There are many accommodations available if you are traveling to Washington D.C. for the inauguration, from a $75,000 package that includes your own rose wall and Airbnb options, like a couch. Elizabeth Keatinge (@ekeatinge) has more.

Theresa May Calls For 'Hard Brexit' — Here's Wh…

The U.K.'s prime minister laid out her plans for Brexit negotiations.

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Were opportunities for clues from MH370 debris…

While search crews spent years trawling in futility through a remote patch of the Indian Ocean for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, people wandering along beaches on the other side of the ocean began spotting debris that washed ashore

Clashes over illegal Arab building in Israel, 1 killed

At least one Israeli Arab has been killed in clashes between police and demonstrators in southern Israel during a court-ordered operation to demolish illegally built homes

Search ends for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

The deep-water hunt covered 46,000 square miles west of Australia

The first underwater museum in Europe

People can dive 45-feet deep to experience The Museo Atlántico of Lanzarote which features more than 300 figurative works.

Twitter Shuts Down Rob Schneider's MLK Tweet To…

The comedian is known for portraying racially stereotyped characters in many of his films. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story.

Suspect In The Istanbul New Year's Eve Nightclub…

The suspect was taken into custody during a police raid in Istanbul's Esenyurt district. Authorities had been tracking him for more than two weeks.

Global warming could steal postcard-perfect…

A new study says those nice weather days _ the kind perfect for picnics and outdoor weddings _ will be dwindling in the future because of global warming

4 more Gambia ministers resign, flee country as crisis grows

4 more Gambia ministers resign, flee country as crisis grows; 2 days to planned inauguration

Time for NATO 2.0?

Lt. Col. Michael Waltz, a former Special Forces officer, explains

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UK official: We don't share Trump's EU views

British Home Secretary Amber Rudd speaks to Christiane Amanpour as Prime Minister Theresa May lays out her vision for Brexit and negotiations with the EU.

Men More Likely to Cry After Bad Performance…

Performance reviews are particularly hard on men, according to a new study from computer software company Adobe. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.

Election Of Top EU Official Gets Little Attention…

The contentious election for European Parliament president has gotten little attention in Europe, which doesn't bode well for the future of the EU.

Back-to-back shootings shake Mexico's tourism…

Two consecutive days of shooting attacks that left a total of nine dead have put two of the jewels of Mexico's Caribbean coast on edge and spurred a warning to tourists by the U.S. government

Australia defends end of MH370 hunt…

Australian officials have defended their suspension of the fruitless deep-sea sonar search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, insisting that the enormous costs involved played no role in their decision to halt the nearly three-year hunt

Trump says Merkel made 'catastrophic mistake' on…

On 'Hannity,' Dr. Sebastian Gorka sounds off on 'failed immigration policies' abroad

Trump aide: We want trade deals to be fairer

Anthony Scaramucci, senior adviser to Donald Trump, tells Christiane Amanpour the President-elect "is a free trader" who's looking for symmetry in trade deals.

New Picture Has Some Claiming Elvis is Alive

A new photo has people claiming Elvis is alive. Elizabeth Keatinge (@ekeatinge) has more.

France Hosts Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Without…

Both Israel and Palestine are absent from Paris peace talks aimed at a "two-state solution" to settle decades of conflict.

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Mexico town fears nightclub shooting means drug…

While Mexican authorities investigate what set off a deadly shooting at a music festival event, residents say it came amid a growing and increasingly open drug scene in Playa del Carmen, a resort town long been spared the violence of Mexico's cartel wars

White House concedes it won't close Guantanamo after all

The White House says the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba will still be open when President Barack Obama leaves office Friday, conceding that a core campaign promise will go unfulfilled

Gigantic python yanked from car engine tug-of-war…

Raw video: Rescuers work to free large snake from car in Thailand