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Utah cites Warren Jeff as reason polygamy should be illegal

Utah cites Warren Jeff as reason polygamy should be illegal in new 'Sister Wives' case filing

US Bombing Highlights Human Rights Concerns In Afghanistan

U.S. command in Afghanistan will focus on human rights after a U.S. airstrike killed 22 and after reports of covering up sexual abuse.

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Kylie Jenner Denies Using Butt Pads to Enhance Her Backside

The 18 year old reality star shared a little beauty secret with her fans last night, but fans on twitter were quick to speculate that Kylie was wearing butt pads to give her derrière a more round appearance.

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Watch What Happens When GQ Tries Every Pumpkin Spice-Flavored Snack

Watch as GQ and Ben Schwartz from 'Parks and Recreation' taste test every gross pumpkin spice-flavored food.

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'Jay Leno's Garage' rolls into prime-time on CNBC

Jay Leno's passion for all things automotive gets a prime-time home with new CNBC series

Dan Jennings returning to general manager job with Marlins

Dan Jennings returning to general manager job with Marlins after finishing season as manager

Tim Layden on the Great Jim Brown

The MMQB's Peter King and Sports Illustrated's Tim Layden discuss the legend of Jim Brown.

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Report: More US hospitals are encouraging breast-feeding

More US hospitals encourage breast-feeding; two-thirds prod moms to start within hour of birth

Nobel Prize for key discoveries about subatomic particles

Japanese, Canadian scientists win Nobel physics prize for showing neutrinos must have mass

Wounded Army Vet Has Therapy Dog Serve as Best Man for Wedding

Dressed in a specially-made shirt adorned with the soldier's badges, he spent the rest of the night charming guests.

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Microsoft unveils fitness tracker; tablet, phones expected

Microsoft rolling out new slate of products, including HoloLens virtual-reality device

California to enact tough equal pay law to address wage gap

California governor approves expansive new equal pay protections targeting gender wage gap

The Latest: Death toll from storm rises to 17

The Latest: Death toll from flooding rises to 17; latest body was found in lake

Ex-UN General Assembly head among 6 held in bribery scheme

Ex-leader of UN General Assembly turned world body into 'platform for profit,' prosecutor says

What the India-Pakistan Rivalry Looks Like From Space

The fortified border between India and Pakistan is one of the few international boundaries that can be seen from space.

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Rihanna Says She Will Care About Chris Brown "Til The Day I Die"

Rihanna is opening up about her relationship with Chris Brown - then and now. The singer says she’ll care about her former flame til the day she dies.

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Congratulations To 2015's World Class Scholars!

For the past 14 years, Mediacom has awarded over one million dollars in scholarships to high school students. We are proud to present this year's scholarship winners.

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Lawyer: White New York officer targeted black NBA player

Defense lawyer: White officer targeted black NBA player, leading to clash outside NYC club

Verducci: Astros Will Not Be Intimidated

SI.com's Tom Verducci previews the AL Wild Card game between the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros.

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FDA's new anti-smoking campaign uses hip-hop to target youth

FDA launches 'Fresh Empire' anti-smoking campaign aimed at 'hip-hop' youth

The Latest: Research changed the course of particle physics

The Latest: Expert says findings changed the course of particle physics research

What We Can Do With Asteroid Water

Engineers are working to mine asteroids for water that could help power rockets.

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New auto safety technologies leave some drivers bewildered

'My car does what?' New auto safety technology leaves some drivers confused

Russian entry into Syria's air wars raises worries

Russian entry into Syria's crowded skies seen by US and its coalition partners as urgent worry

Hot-air balloons hit truck, power line at Albuquerque event

Hot-air balloons strike truck, power line at annual Albuquerque festival