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The Latest: Some pipeline protesters ready to get…

About 20 people say they aren't leaving the Dakota Access pipeline protest camp and are willing to get arrested

NASA Announces 7 New Planets

Scientists confirmed the existence of seven new planets orbiting the star TRAPPIST-1.

You Can Really Live in This Rotating Skyscraper

The First ever rotating skyscraper plans to be built by 2020. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story.

After Making Millions in China, 'The Great Wall…

Despite three new films premiering this weekend, Matt Damon's "The Great Wall" was the only one to crack the top three at the box office.

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Chrissy Teigen Actually HELPS Twitter Troll Her…

As if we needed yet another reason to fawn over Chrissy tiger and John legends adorable relationship - The model was part of an internet sensation last night all because she joined in the public trolling of her husband. Ok, this story is actually waaaaayyyy cuter than it sounds. Here’s what happened. Twitter user emily Sowah made a startling, and dare I say true comparison on twitter last night about John legend. She compared the singer to a cartoon character - but not just any old character - the lovable aardvark Arthur from the children’s series Arthur. She shared a side-by-side comparison writing, John legend look like Arthur lowkey To say this revelation went viral would be an understatement… 231 thousand likes and nearly 80,000 retweets in a matter of hours. Twitter hasn’t had this much reaction since President Donald Trump trolled Meryl Streep. Anyway, the internet quickly lit up with hilarious John/Arthur comparison furthering Emily’s original claim. Like John from his film ‘La La land,’ where he just so happens to be wearing the same shirt as Arthur. Or the singer’s face superimposed over Arthur’s face. Then someone actually turned John into a character from the aardvark’s fictional town and i mean, we just can’t unseen this. But then, the power couple actually responded to this wild twitter storm, making the whole comparison even better. Chrissy was first, with this hilarious photo that egged on the joke. John when you tell him he looks like Arthur. It kinda sounds like John is super mad about being called an aardvark on twitter based on choruses’ response, doesn’t it? Turns out though, the signer wasn’t upset one bit. He was pretty clueless. I hadn’t even heard of this Arthur character till now. was he around when I was a kid? Ok, that actually seems like a valid excuse, except that Arthur kinda WAS around when John was a kid. The 38 year old was born in 1978, making him 8 years old when Arthur the Aardvark first made his appearance in a book called Arthur’s Nose in 1986. Marc Brown, the author then released a number of books about this cartoon animal before it was finally made into a children’s series in 1996 - John would have been 18 then. So technically yes, Arthur was around when John was a kid, but I highly doubt the 18 year old was aware of this smart aardvark who likes so read… you know what John, we’ll give you this one. Did anyone else get a kick out of the John/Arthur comparison? And how about Chrissy and John’s response? Let me know in the comment section below.

Scientists Unveil Crazy Plan To Refreeze The…

As the mean global temperature continues to rise, the arctic ice caps continue to melt. What are scientist planning to do about it?

Polish play investigated for blasphemy, inciting…

Prosecutors in Poland are investigating a new theater production that alludes to murdering the country's most powerful politician and has sexual scenes involving the cross and an image of the late Polish pope, St. John Paul II

The Latest: Earnhardt would consider retirement…

Dale Earnhardt Jr. would consider retirement if he won his first NASCAR Cup title this season

#DearAndy: Which college football coach could win…

Which college football coach could win the governor's race in his state? SI's Andy Staples takes a look at some of the Power 5 coaches that might fit the bill.

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Anorexic, bulimic woman who fought force-feeding…

An anorexic and bulimic New Jersey woman has died three months after a judge granted her request to refuse force-feeding

In hot water: Climate change harms hot spots of ocean life

A new study says the six ocean hot spots that teem with the biggest mix of species are getting hit hard by global warming and industrial fishing

Ex- Student Seeks New trial In Prep School…

A former student at one of the nation’s most elite prep schools, Owen Labrie, is asking for a new trial. Labrie, who was convicted of sexually assaulting an underage student, says his legal team dropped the ball in the original trial.

Amazon resists request for Echo info in Arkansas slaying

Amazon says Arkansas prosecutors looking to obtain potential recordings from a slaying suspect's Amazon Echo smart speaker haven't established that their investigation is more important than a customer's privacy rights

Fed officials discussed possible rate hike 'fairly soon'

Fed minutes: Officials discussed need to raise key rate 'fairly soon' if economy remains strong

Fearful immigrants take steps to protect families…

President Donald Trump's move to crack down on immigrants living illegally in the U.S. has spread fear and anxiety

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Detroit suburb agrees to settle lawsuits over planned mosque

A Detroit suburb that denied a religious organization's proposal for a mosque in a residential neighborhood has agreed to settle two federal lawsuits that alleged discrimination

Since Dolly The Sheep, We're More OK With Cloning…

Scientists and the public still don't agree on the ethics of cloning.

Comedian Helping Kitties Find a Forever Home in a…

Obvious Plant decided to use his comedic force for good and helped some shelter cats get the kind of publicity they need. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) reports.